Why choose custom travel planning?

A travel planner will research and create a fully customized itinerary from scratch based on your interests and requirements. This means that your itinerary will be unique and tailored specifically to you. You won't be limited to a pre-packaged tour or a set list of activities. 

At Anam Adventures we have extensive knowledge and experience in travel planning. We often have access to insider information and can provide valuable insights and recommendations that you might not otherwise have access to. We can let you know about local festivals, restaurants, and activities that are off the beaten path and can help you to avoid tourist traps while still seeing all the best sites.

Enjoy expert curation and immersive experiences

Years of global travel experience

Connections with expert local guides

Support and a custom app while on your trip

Meet The Founder

Anam Adventures came to life through the love of travel. Its creator, Heather spent her childhood traveling with her family. She eventually moved to Europe where she lived for almost 10 years. She owns several yoga studios and has been leading group retreats for years. She believes that travel can be one of our greatest teachers. It not only helps us to be in the present moment but it allows us to embrace cultural diversity while enriching our own personal history. Heather is passionate and knowledgeable about the world of travel. She has spent countless hours scouting, researching and planning itineraries all over the world. She is dedicated to offering and planning trips that explore the culture, beauty and authenticity that each destination offers.