Custom Itineraries

Your time is precious. Let us take away the stress of planning and do the work for you! We will handle all of the organizing and all the details of creating a beautiful custom trip that will create memories to last a lifetime. We will work closely with you to create a trip within your budget and travel style. We will even provide support while you are away.

The Process

Free Consult Call

On this call we will discuss creating the best trip for you. We will discuss budget, travel style, destination and much more!


I will use the information in our call to then curate the perfect and most memorable trip for you and then we will review it together.

Book Trip

This is where it gets fun! As soon as you give me the thumbs up we will begin booking your trip!


This is where the adventure begins! You will head out on your trip with your custom itinerary downloaded right on your phone!

What You Get

After you complete your travel planning questionnaire, and we chat, I’ll put together a custom travel itinerary that includes:

  • A few different accommodation options

  • An hour-by-hour itinerary

  • Directions and tips for navigating transportation

  • All the links you need to book and get info

  • Important details about each activity

  • Personalized recommendations

  • Restaurant recommendations

  • A list of extra recommendations you can swap in at your whim

  • Cultural info and tips

Everything you need will be delivered in an easy to print Google doc so we can collaborate on it. You will also have the option to download an app and get your itinerary right on your phone!

Our Specialties

Food and Drink

We are passionate about food and wine! From restaurant recs to food tours, to wine tours we've got you covered!

Outdoor Adventures

We can add in hiking, camping, boat tours, extreme sports and so much more for those who are really feeling adventurous!

Wellness Retreats

You can join us for one of ours or we can help you find the perfect one in the perfect place for you. We can add on spa treatments, sacred ceremonies, yoga classes and more!

Why Hire Us?

  • No kickbacks or commissions. You get my honest recommendations, not ones that make me money.

  • Deep knowledge of the region. I won’t plan your trip if I don’t know the area. I believe if you hire a personal travel planner, you should be getting vetted insider tips. I would never risk recommending a tourist trap or dud.

  • Everyone gets the same level of service. My pricing is based on the number of days you’re traveling or if you have unique circumstances like an extra large group or fast turnaround time. I don’t charge extra to get premium services. Whatever your budget I am happy to work with it..

  • Easy to use printable google docs or an app. We will provide you with multiple ways to use your itinerary. We will even be there to help you on your trip if any questions come up.

  • Passionate traveler who does this out of love. I have been traveling my whole life. I lived in Europe for 10 years and have extensive knowledge of the area. I also lead group trips and have established a lot of great local relationships over the years..

  • Bias toward local businesses. I believe in supporting the local economy when I travel, so I avoid chains when possible.

  • I have lots of happy clients. I have endless happy clients that have joined me on trips, taken my travel advice and used my itineraries. Check out some reviews on our FB page!

My Favorite Destinations

Although I can plan a trip for you anywhere, these are my favorite places to plan and where I have spent extensive time and forged lasting relationships.

Ready To Get Planning?

All of these options are for groups up to 6 people. For larger parties or longer trips, contact me!

Non Custom Itinerary

This is for customers who are just looking for a basic itinerary they can use to help plan a trip on their own. This is a printable PDF of a common itinerary I use for certain destinations. There is no customization. Email me and see if I have an itinerary made up for your travel destination!


Custom Itinerary

This is an itinerary that I create specifically for you. We will chat and get lots of info on your budget, travel style, interests and more. I will then create the perfect itinerary for your dream trip! You book flights and accommodation on your own with my recommendations. Price is per day of your trip.

$75 per day

Fully Serviced Itinerary

This is a custom itinerary created just for you. The difference with this service is that we will not only create the trip of your dreams, we will book everything for you too! All you have to do is show up at the airport and enjoy! The work will already be done for you. Price is per day of your trip.

$125 per day